Rescue from danger of life

The MF is focused on water rescue. For people in distress at sea, men and women of the German Maritime Search and Rescue Service on North and Baltic Seas are very often the last hope. They are at spot when they are needed, in dramatic and less dramatic cases. You can rely on their help. The attitude and commitment of the entire DGzRS team, whether on stations and ships, in the sea emergency management MRCC (Maritime Rescue Coordination Center) or at the headquarter in Bremen, impress the foundation management deeply and have our greatest respect.

project topics:

  • Subsidies for new construction, revision and maintenance of rescue cruisers and lifeboats.
  • Financing of equipment and technology for ships and crews.
  • Support for setting up a virtual emergency doctor system on board.

project partner: German Marine Search and Rescue Service (DGzRS), Bremen