MASCHESKI FOUNDATION has been founded in Hamburg in August 2005 as a legal foundation of civil law. The foundation works autonomous and independently.

MF promotes charitable and benevolent projects and aid measures in the fields of healthcare, rescue from danger of life, school and vocational education, youth and senior people welfare, family protection, development aid. It is operating in Germany and internationally, particularly in India.

The founder Volker Mascheski was a management consultant and managing partner of a leading German consulting company for four decades. Der StifterHis school and university education took place in Berlin / Germany. Since 1975 he lives together with his life partner Heidi Roloff. The foundation of MF reflects his desire to forward positive experiences and results of his previous life to the generality. Number one priority is sustainable humanitarian aid by engaged, long term committed responsibility. Regarding the boundless abundance of humanitarian requirements, the humanitarian aid of MF is understood as a supplement to government support and investment in order to improve selectively the chances for people in need.

MF is endowed with a basis stock of one million EUR. The foundation is self-financed, can accept donations and project grants and is allowed to issue grant certificates. MF gladly welcomes project proposals and funding requests by third parties.

MF is recognized by the judicial authority and the financial authority of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg / Germany. The supervision is effected in accordance with the law in force of Hamburg. Business plan, project plan and financial statements, prepared by the foundation management of a German bank are annually reviewed professionally.

The MF is registered in the Foundation database of Hamburg / Germany, see, there „Hamburger Stiftungsdatenbank“.

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