gegen Jugendgewalt

Juvenile delinquency

The growing propensity for violence among young people has dire effects on streets, in traffic, in schools and in sports. Young people who are prepared to use violence lack the understanding that their path inevitably leads to crime. They are hardly interested in the bitter consequences for their victims.

With these young people, the MF sees chances for a possible rethink only through brutal impulses. The foundation therefore promotes measures that show boys and girls who are suspicious of aggression, some of whom are already delinquent, the consequences for their own lives and those of their victims. These early offenders should be confronted with the consequences of their aggressive behavior for themselves and others. This is the only way to initiate thought processes and stimulate new insights. Successes from many years of project experience give us courage.

project topics:

  • Group visits by conspicuous boys and girls in prisons, i.e. practical impressions of permanent all-round surveillance, direct conversations with prisoners, some of whom are incarcerated for life, and brief confinement of each individual in a prison cell.
  • Anti-aggression training in schools and youth facilities, coached by trainers with own life experience from criminal environment.

project partner: Prisoners help young people e.V., Hamburg

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