Protection against Violence


Criminal acts of violence, attacks on rescue, traffic and security persons, policemen and firefighters and also violence in the domestic/partnership environment very often cause visible injuries. Domestic violence affects not only women but also men, but always the children who are present.

Visible injuries require immediate specialist medical examination and documentation. In addition, the victims' complex problem situations may also require medical care, help with mental problems, legal advice and representation, and also social and financial support.

project topics:

  • Support of violence protection clinics with technical and staffing equipment, case diagnostics and documentation.
  • Accompanying victims of violence in dealing with the physical and psychological consequences of the crime and recognizing the need for action.
  • Individual help to alleviate the consequences of crime and through no fault of its own emergency situations.

project partners (examples): Violence protection outpatient clinic at Charit√© University Medical Centre Berlin . Forensic ambulance at the Institute for Forensic Medicine Mainz . Lower Saxony Victim Support Foundation, L√ľneburg . Weisser Ring e.V., Hamburg

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