Psychologisch/psychiatrische Betreuung

Crisis Management

Extreme life situations can put an unbearable strain, permanently change and damage the psyche, behavior and courage of adults and children. The most common triggers are desolate family relationships, health problems, money problems, job loss, bullying and, in particular, all kinds of criminal acts. The foundation focuses on the following crisis areas:

Risk children

Young people who have to endure severe stress, constant threats or criminal acts in their families or through third parties are endangered and harmed through no fault of their own. The situation escalates if it is no longer justifiable or possible to remain at home.

project topics:

  • Early help for families at risk. Dedicated care should avoid recognizable and expected disadvantages for children and young people in family life.
  • Therapies for traumatized children and adolescents. Specialist therapeutic support, usually required over a number of years, should build trust, work on causes, overcome trauma as far as possible and stabilize young people.
  • Support to family SOS institutions. Children who have to live outside of their home family should be reintegrated into the family and experience a child-friendly life.
  • Crisis interventions. In acute cases of abuse in public institutions, problematic situations should be overcome and preventive measures initiated.

Breast cancer therapy

Serious illness has an extremely negative impact on life and courage. In this situation, medical help and additional experienced, intensive support are urgently required for those affected. This quickly goes beyond insurance benefits.

project topic:

  • Mission support for specialized breast nurses in breast cancer therapy. They accompany the patients during the disease process as confidants in coping with the new life situation, as a bridge of understanding between the patient and the treatment team and in regaining a positive attitude towards life.

Old-age poverty

In old age, despite a large number of state aid and support, living conditions can arise in which even a modest living framework cannot be achieved. Here, the MF helps in emergencies after an individual test of neediness by its project partner.

project topic:

  • Help for seniors with one-off costs for living and household, if own funds are missing and help of state or church is not available.

project partners (examples): Dunkelziffer e.V. . SOS Children's Villages . Foundation Mammazentrum Hamburg . Hamburg Bridge e.V.

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