example: Training program of MF’s project partner DGzRS
Individuelle Hilfen

Training promotion

The MF promotes training measures in occupational profiles with operational orientation, with priority from our project partners. In this way, the MF wants to contribute to ensuring the excellent knowledge and performance standards of the partner staff and to attracting new qualified employees.

Through its training funding, the foundation aims to strengthen the personnel base for the implementation of its projects in cooperation with its partners. In addition, the foundation wants to make it easier for young people to start their jobs by foundation’s contributing to their first-class qualifications.

project topics:

  • Subject-specific training measures in our project partners' own training facilities.
  • In-service training through specialist training, seminars and congress events.
  • Financial aid for operational training courses for young people within the framework of the MF project fields.

project partners (examples): German Maritime Search and Rescue Service (DGzRS) . Child protection group HELIOS Clinic Erfurt

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