Plates hold by the children: "GUILTY because of……… (three unacceptable causes)"
Schutz für Kinder und Jugendliche

Child abuse

Abuse of children and adolescents, in form of sexual abuse, violence and neglect, revealed or hidden, is a basic social evil. The young people are mostly defenseless. The group of perpetrators is unlimited. Inhibition thresholds decrease, especially in the family environment. Because the perpetrators are also increasingly using technical IT options, the spread of criminal acts is growing in unimagined dimensions. In Germany the size of known child victims in 2019 was around 36,000. The additional number of unreported cases is immense. It is positive that sensibility, awareness and condemnation of child abuse is growing in the population.

Schutz für Kinder und Jugendliche RISKID is a child protection project against "doctor-hopping" and fixed on mutual information between pediatricians.

Child protection against all forms of abuse is a priority for the foundation. Its aim is to avoid and eliminate the corresponding hazards, emergency situations and psychological stress. Its target group are clinics and medical practices, child protection and therapy organizations.

project topics:

  • Clarification of suspected cases with the greatest possible certainty by doctors and other experts.
  • Technical and personnel equipment of central and interdisciplinary child protection facilities. Aim: Minimal stress for children and relatives and coordinated research by the authorities.
  • Trauma therapy and home care for affected children and adolescents in long-term processes.
  • Personnel qualification, digital communication and network strengthening for the transfer of experience and early warning of suspected cases.

project partners (examples): Institute for Forensic Medicine at UKE Hamburg . Vestische Clinic for Children and Adolescents Datteln . Institute for Forensic Medicine Cologne . German Child Protection Association . SOS Children's Villages . RISKID risk information system for paediatricians . Childhood-house of Charité Berlin

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