This sentence from the "epistulae morales" of the Roman philosopher Seneca corresponds to the self-understanding of MASCHESKI FOUNDATION. We will show you how we implement it.


We welcome all friends and sympathizers,

as a foundation of Free and Hanseatic city of Hamburg / Germany, the MF is committed to the ideals of tolerance and openness to the world. Its challenges are situations in which people get into need or have to live permanently in need.

We want to make an effective and noticeable contribution to creating safe living situations for children, young people and adults, free from threats and linked to promising future opportunities. Therefore MF is committed

  • against violence, maltreatment and abuse in children, adolescents and adults.
  • in coping with spontaneous and permanent crisis and emergency situations.
  • in creating decent living conditions to people in need.
  • in more future security through education, self-helping and entrepreneurship.