Plates hold by the children: "GUILTY because of……… (three unacceptable causes)"
Schutz für Kinder und Jugendliche

Protection for children and adulescents

When social crisis situations are exploding in families, children and adolescents are nearly always the victims, because they are generally defenseless against maltreatment, abuse and neglect. But also the so-called "normal family life" does not exclude such threat situations for young people. The darkness area is immense.

MF wants to avoid and eliminate emergency situations to children and adolescents. It supports preventive measures to risk families, schools and doctors. It promotes investigations of suspected cases by competent medical specialists in cases of maltreatment, abuse and neglect, as well as appropriate trainings and educations of involved sectors.

Schutz für Kinder und Jugendliche Risks for children’s hazards must be recognized at an early stage and with high security. It is necessary to act in time, to learn from risk systems of economic companies and to implement the confession "Child Protection before Data Protection" in reality. For this reason, we support RISKID, a data-based risk information system for pediatricians, which documents abnormalities in young patients, counteracts the "physician hopping" and has a signal effect for protective measures.

RISKID is a child protection project against "doctor-hopping" and fixed on mutual information between pediatricians.

Project partners in this topic: Children's Competence Center of Forensic Institute at University Hospital UKE Hamburg . Ambulances for Children and Violence Protection at University Hospital Charité Berlin and at University of Mainz . Dunkelziffer e.V., Hamburg . Allerleirauh e.V., Hamburg . German Child Protection Association e.V., Münster.

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